Background marketing is a digital marketing, training and strategic consulting agency with more than ten years in the marketing space. Background Marketing has become not only a trusted name in SEO but a symbol of authority throughout many marketing communities.

Background Marketing’s focus isn’t on the size of their business, but more on the growth you see in yours.


This is why they operate a small but dedicated team. To ensure you get the quality, personal expertise, and attention to detail that your business deserves.

Even though they are located just outside of  Cambridge; They operate throughout London, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Essex, and quite a few other locations throughout the UK.

While SEO is a portion of what they offer, it is indeed just the beginning of what this agency has in their arsenal to help your business excel.

Background Marketing will first talk to you about what your current and your future goals are for your business, how your branding looks to your consumers, and more.

Your businesses goals will determine the best strategy to help your business.

As a Google PPC certified a business, Background Marketing brings a multitude of tools to help any business avoid plateau and continue towards growth.

As a digital marketing strategist, their primary goal is to create marketing campaigns that are fast, efficient, and effective.

This company prides itself on being a full-service agency, with the ability to handle anything from logo design to international product launches.

While increasing client rankings in the search engines, and improving the reputation of their clients is the primary mission of the company, the depth of what this business can do is endless.

Background marketing is proud of their training ability and their dedicated customer service background, and because of this, they have devised a training program targeted at customer service departments to show them how they can use the internet and social media to more effectively engage customers and build stronger relationships with clients.

Many people always ask what the significance of the name background marketing is? The companies response is quite simple. They work in the background so their clients can get in front of their competition and ultimately in front of their target audience. In fact, their services integrate almost seamlessly with their clients that it just looks like your in-house marketing team is doing all the work. All at a fraction of what it cost to hire an in-house marketing team.

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